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Saturday April 19th 2014

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5 Steps To Building A Bigger Business Network On Twitter


1. Make Friends

The more people you follow, the more people will follow you. Choose some interesting people and businesses in your industry or region and follow them. Check their followers and follow some of them too. Not only will you have access to any tips and info they share, you’ll boost your visibility and attract your own followers. Search some keywords related to your industry here and follow the resulting users.

2. Ask Questions

Ask for feedback, advice, or opinions. Post a poll or a survey. Ask for information. Take the opportunity to listen and learn rather than using Twitter as a means for pure promotion and marketing.

3. Share Links

Find news, information, or anything else you find interesting and share the link with your Twitter followers. Sharing important or interesting information related to your particular expertise builds credibility and attracts like-minded users.

4. Offer Deals, Promotions, And Tips

Offer incentives. Discounts, deals, and valuable advice will earn you followers and promote your business and services.

5. Engage

Build a community by commenting and re-tweeting what other people have posted. Post something that isn’t directly related to your business. Talk about other businesses in your area. Point out interesting things in your community.

Adapted from info found here, here, here, and here. Earlier Twitter tips from The Ibis Network here.


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