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Thursday April 17th 2014

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5 LinkedIn Tools for Business

Business People_Globe

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social-media network and boasts over 175 million professional and active users. LinkedIn offers an effective way to promote your business and helps you stay in contact with personal friends, schoolmates, past and present colleagues, and past and prospective clients. An increasing number of businesses are starting to incorporate LinkedIn as part of their personal and business marketing campaigns, primarily due to its many valuable marketing tools. Listed below are the top 5 tools every business should be actively using:

1) Update Status – This is a simple and, for most people, very familiar tool. By posting a status update, you are instantly marketing your business, as long as the information is important, relevant and compelling. Be sure to keep all of your posts professional and polite for the best results.

2) Endorsements and Recommendations – True testimonials from your past and present clients will help improve your reputation, and will provide your LinkedIn page with accountability. Add specific skills that you are proficient in to your LinkedIn profile, and ask others to endorse or recommend you. You also may want to endorse or recommend fellow connections to help promote both of your profiles.

3) Company Pages – Company pages are very similar to Facebook fan pages, but are specifically designed for business. Creating and promoting a company page allows you to market to a larger audience of professionals in your specific field. The Company Page is created to make it easier for visitors, allowing them to quickly and efficiently discover what your business is all about.

4) Display Ads – Ads can take your business from a slow start to a booming rush, if used correctly. Using demographics and geolocation will help you target specific audiences. Display Ads also provide tools that help track the success of your marketing ad, and ensure you are receiving the best bang for your buck.

5) LinkedIn Polls – Like many other social-media sites, LinkedIn offers a Polls tool that allows users to engage with their customers and receive important feedback on a specific topic or question. It also shows your peers that you value their input and opinions.In offers a Polls tool that allows users to engage with their customers and receive important feedback on a specific topic or question. It also shows your peers that you value their input and opinions.


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How to Increase Your Email Marketing List


Many businesses do not believe email marketing lists work, and thus miss out on the opportunity to use to them. Email is one of the most used communication channels in the world and can also be the most effective. At least 91% of consumers check their email every day, making email an incredibly viable source of marketing. Below are some ways to increase your email marketing list:

1) Hold contests – Holding contests is an excellent way to drive traffic to your business. Sending out an email offering an incentive, like a discount or a contest, will entice your customers to engage more. A well planned and themed contest will stay in your customers’ minds, and keep them coming back.

2) Create an easy sign-up form – Customers don’t like what they consider Spam, or unwanted/unsolicited emails. Having an email list sign-up form is a terrific way to retain your invested fans, who will be interested in, and want to receive the emails you send out. Having a sign-up link on your website and other social-media sites will allow new people to sign up, as well.

3) Offer incentives to sign up – Sometimes all people need is a little nudge to finish making their decision about signing up for a newsletter. Offering a unique and enticing incentive will help convince them to give you a shot.

4) Offer free programs – Offering free, premium accounts for signing up for your email list will help consumers realize that you are there to help. It will build trust through action, and in turn, leave them with a great experience.


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Tips to Increase Engagement Rate on Facebook

The Ibis Network Social Media Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are attracted to Facebook for the sheer volume of users it attracts, yet these same businesses often don’t know how to reach those same people. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and precise planning for any company to get to a satisfying level of social-media engagement. If you can’t afford to spend loads of money on your social-media marketing campaigns, don’t fret: the companies that are most sought after are ones that make a great game plan and follow through with it. The following tips will help to improve your engagement rate on Facebook:

1) Strive to be genuine – As a business owner, you want to portray the most positive image of your company as possible. Upload pictures of daily activities, company outings, community service projects etc. By sticking to your brand and showcasing what you have worked for, you show the public that you are legitimate, trustworthy, and approachable.

2) Timing is crucial – Timing is perhaps one of the most vital key aspects of your Facebook campaign. By timing your posts at the right time of day, you create a window of opportunity for your content to reach the most people. Research your audience to determine the best times to reach them, and even try experimenting by posting at different times of the day and week to see when you get the most attention.

3) Get to know your audience – Engage your audience to ask them for feedback and advice, and be willing to do the same for them. Finding out more about your audience will help you gain insight into what you are doing right, and what you need to work on.

4) Make them laugh – Humor seems to fit Facebook quite nicely. Being able to make your audience laugh by posting clever content or videos ensures that they will remember you. Don’t overuse humor to the point of annoyance, but choose your moments and make them count.


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Social-Media Marketing Tips for The Upcoming Year

Online Marketing
Continue to grow this year with a measured social-media program to enhance your business. More and more companies are seeing the increased success that social-media can bring to their business. If you are already using social-media, it is essential to realize that there is still much you can do to improve its effectiveness. If you have not yet started reaping the benefits social-media can bring, then 2014 is the year to start. There are many new and exciting sites that are coming to light, and others that are gaining steam. Below are some social-media marketing tips for 2014:

1) Create a social-media budget – Setting aside a budget for social-media platforms in 2014 will be key to your success. Even if you don’t have a substantial budget, you can substantially improve your sales through social-media. Consider using some of your budget to consult professionals on how to get the most out of your social-media dollar.

2) Interact with your customers – Being present and friendly for your customers on social-media this year will prove to be extraordinarily beneficial. Statistics show that companies who strive to help and connect with their customers are more successful than those who just sell to them.

3) Upgrade your tech gadgets – Upgrading your old equipment will help you bridge the gap between success and failure. Technology is a driving force in today’s economy, and staying on top of its emerging trends can help you tremendously.

4) Be professional – Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of social-media, maintaining a professional presence will ensure that your customers see your company in a positive light. All of your profiles should be well put together and thought out; failing to do so may result in lack of trust from your followers.


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Twitter 101

Twitter Marketing Tips the ibis network social media

Social-media has become so accessible that it is a disservice not to use it to your advantage, but it can be seriously detrimental for a small business owner to go into marketing through social-media without a good understanding of it. Getting familiar with social-media platforms will be the most beneficial thing you do for your company, and Twitter is one of the most used platforms for social-media marketing.  Below are some tips to help you understand and use Twitter.

1) What is Twitter? – Twitter is a micro-blogging site that lets you post, or “tweet,” messages with a limited number of characters to catch the attention of your audience. Since its inception, Twitter has become very user friendly and business oriented. Several companies and entrepreneurial individuals use Twitter to remain in contact with their public and maintain a sense of immediate, personal involvement.

2) Why Should I Use Twitter? – Twitter allows you as a business owner to optimize your content in a way that is easily portrayed to your audience. Twitter is the fastest growing social-media site, with 14 million users. This is an incredibly large demographic to draw from and interact with, which creates a unique business strategy.

3.) How Do I Use Twitter? – Twitter is remarkably simple to use, however, it can be daunting when you first approach it. Create a plan of action and clearly define what you intend to accomplish. Creating a schedule of when you want to make certain posts can also be very useful. Twitter requires time and effort, and thrives from continuous updates with quality content. You must be aware of when to post and what to post, paying attention to when your posts get the most attention and feedback. Also be sure to reply and “retweet” (the act of reposting someone else’s “tweet”) when applicable, as this generates conversation and keeps users engaged.


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4 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Business Make Money

The Ibis Network Marketing Social Media

Pinterest isn’t just a place to post pictures of wedding dresses and baby photo ideas; it can actually be a great network to tap into to find people who prefer the more visual side of things. We know you’ve read plenty about how to set up your Pinterest profile, create boards, and build followers, so we’re going to skip all of that and dive straight into monetizing your Pinterest account. This will allow you to grow your mailing list, sell products, offer services, increase book sales, and promote affiliate products. Below are some ways Pinterest can help your business make money:

1) Stand Out from the Rest – With so many individuals searching the internet for products, it’s vital to set yourself apart from everyone else. Pinterest allows you to be creative and display your products in a way that engages the consumer and ensures that they are the right match for your brand.

2) Promotions – Offering promotions and holding contests in social-media is becoming very common, and something as simple as offering 10% off their next purchase to new followers is a great way to grow your popularity. Contests keep the public engaged, and are a fun way to create a sense of community.

3) Follow to Gain Followers – A necessary tactic is to follow and re-pin other people’s items so that you remain active and gain customers. Consider targeting certain audiences that enjoy the types of products you offer.

4)  Promote on Other Platforms – Promoting your Pinterest on other social-media sites can greatly expand your customer base. Taking one platform and spreading the word across several more such as Facebook and Twitter can increase your exposure and draw new followers to your Pinterest.


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Tips for Handling a Social Media Crisis

social media marketing

As much as we would like to think that everything will go as planned with our social-media campaign, there is a chance that, at some point, you will experience negative attention, one of the most detrimental things for a social-media campaign. If you are keeping up with your social-media networks like you should be, you will be able to spot a developing crisis. In the event of a social-media crisis, follow the tips below to make the best of a bad situation:

1.) Have a Plan – The most important thing to combat these undesirable situations is to have a solid plan of action beforehand. Studying other social sites and the problems they’ve had in the past can help to prepare you for what is to come. The social-media world is highly unpredictable, and having that foreknowledge will set you above the others.

2.) Identify the Crisis – Pay close attention to the discussions occurring in your social-media space. Listening to the conversation will enable you to understand what everyone is thinking and saying, and lead you to a clearer understanding of what has gone wrong. Once you know how the crisis is affecting people, you will have a better idea of how to help.

3.) Pay Close Attention - Paying attention to what is happening and knowing the facts before you act is absolutely recommended. Going into a crisis blind is never a bright idea. If you don’t use Hootsuite already, it will be a powerful tool to use in the future as it allows you to monitor and interact with all of your social-media in one place, with a convenient dashboard interface.

4) Let People Vent – People need to vent… let them. Allowing people to vent allows them to express their opinion and get your feedback, boosting their trust in you. Their feedback will allow you to learn more about what is being said, and in turn being able to manage the situation better.

5.) Turn the Crisis into a Positive – Allow people to vent and get some of the crisis out of their system, and then hit them with a positive in a professional way. There are many ways to avert people’s attention to something more positive and worthwhile, and knowing when to pull the trigger is key when turning a negative into a positive.

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Email Marketing Tips to Help Gain Customers


Email is now a part of our everyday lives. As one of the most indispensable tools that we all use daily, it provides a huge resource for social-media marketing purposes. Email marketing can be a hard thing to manage effectively, especially when selling goods or products. You will have to learn how to build relationships and keep them throughout the years. Email marketing is one of the more successful ways to market and reach a large audience. Below are some tips to help gain customers through email marketing:

1) Keep It Simple – Be sure to make your email layout as simple and clean as possible, including format and wording. Research has shown that when checking email, especially on mobile devices, it is easier to keep the customer engaged when they can read and follow your message.

2) Go Mobile – With the advent of cell phones and other handheld devices, people now carry their email around with them all the time. Today’s society is more prone to use their phone or tablet to check and send emails, so catering to the mobile platform will ensure you don’t miss out on one of the fastest growing groups of customers.

3) Educate and Inform – There is a time and place for everything, and sending sales-pitch emails is not always the best way to go. Instead, send quality emails that are educational and help to equip the reader with knowledge on your products and services. An informed reader is an invested reader.

4) Target Your Marketing – You want to reach as many people at once as possible, and sending out mass emails is a terrific way to do this, but it’s not always enough. Refining your emails to make sure the right customers get the right message is key. If you make sure that you are sending these emails to customers who are already likely to read or forward an email, you will find you get more feedback and results.


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Tips to Help Plan Your Marketing Budget In 2014

Financial budgeting illustration

Planning your marketing budget can be a real hassle, especially for smaller companies.  However, a well-planned budget saves money which could then be spent on other much needed programs throughout your company. Saving money on your marketing budget is becoming easier as the years pass, but many companies may still not know exactly how to cut costs while maintaining a cutting-edge marketing strategy. Below are a few tips to help you plan your marketing budget for 2014:

1) Prioritize Your Content - Knowing what is important to your customers helps you determine which methods get their attention the best. You need to keep your audience attracted to your products and services by promoting your brand often, and in a targeted and timely fashion.

2) Monitor Your Expenses - Many companies are paying for marketing services they do not actually need. Much of social-media marketing can be done yourself, with little knowledge of how to do it. There are many perks to paid media, but it is crucial to be cautious when choosing this method.

3) Nurture Your Leads - Plan a budget to nurture your leads and follow through on each individual prospective client. The perfect marketing campaign does nothing if you fail to follow through, so keep in contact and give your clients a reason to remember you.

4) Watch for Trends - By watching and observing ongoing and upcoming trends in the social-media world, you can anticipate changes in the market and adjust your strategy accordingly. This lets you choose to either follow the upcoming trends, or innovate in a different direction.

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How To Maximize Your SEO Potential

SEO Word Cloud

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a lot of time and effort to reach its full potential.  Designing your website to be more searchable and noticeable is the ultimate goal.  When someone searches for key words, or a specific business on any search engine, you want to be at the top of that search; you also want to have the best reputation from that search.  Below are some tips to help you improve your SEO.

1.)    Word Recognition- Find the words that are most often used to search for your business.  These key words or phrases are what you need to focus your page title on.  This will help to ensure that searching in this way always results in your page showing up.

2.)    Simple Navigation- Keep an open site that is clear, and try not to clutter it with too many links or videos.  Many search engines have difficulty with flashy websites, so keeping it simple increases the potential reach of your site.

3.)    Great content- By filling your website with content that is clear and concise, you make sure that once searchers have found your page, they stick around to actually explore it.

4.)    Discoverability- You and your company have an ultimate goal of being one of the most if not the most visible company in your field on a search engine.  It is up to you to make yourself that way by building a website that is trustworthy and honest.


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3 Ways To Better Manage Time Using Multiple Social-Media Networks

The Ibis Network Social-Media Marketing Tips

A large variety of social-media networks have launched and are now considered an essential key to successful online marketing. If you are just starting out, or struggling while the economy makes a recovery, you may be short of the extra funds needed to pay a full time social-media manager. Below are a few ways to tackle multiple social-media networks while staying active, saving money and time.

One-Click Wonder: A great way to save time is by saving all of your daily social-media networks in your browser’s bookmark file. This will allow you to make one simple click and be ready to post your information on the site, saving you trouble and time. However, Twitter does not work as well using bookmarking, so it’s recommended that you use TweetDeck, a tool that will allow you to post to multiple accounts with one click. You can save this tool in your browser bookmark folder, as well.

Go Mobile: You want to be sure to stay active across all the various social-media sites through which you are marketing. Since this can be very time consuming, consider downloading your chosen social-media platforms to your mobile device. This means that not only can you avoid being glued to your PC in order to keep track of new followers and friends, you can also stay socially active with them while being proactive in other areas of your business.

Post Interesting Information: By providing your readers with compelling and relevant information, it is more likely that they will revisit the post and recommend that others view it. This makes your job easier and less time-consuming, and reduces the need to stress the post repeatedly in an attempt to make sure the maximum amount of people are being introduced to your information. However, if it is a time-sensitive post, sometimes it can be useful to post the same information multiple times. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to make small changes to repetitive posts, so readers are not overwhelmed or annoyed.


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5 Tips That Will Help Promote Your Facebook Page

the ibis network social media marketing strategy

These days it seems that, be it personal or professional, everybody has a Facebook account. Facebook grew quickly and still continues to thrive, and one of the best things about Facebook is that it is very business oriented and can be very beneficial to your company. That being said, just creating a Facebook page is not enough; it is necessary to actively promote your page while using some key tools that are proven to work. This will spark interest in your business. Many companies make simple mistakes on Facebook, and these mistakes can cost them valuable customers, often without the company even realizing. Below are some tips to help you successfully promote your Facebook page.

1.) Post quality and quantity- Never just post randomly on your Facebook page. Each and every post should be well thought out to gain the reader’s attention. A good post is one that will likely get shared by another person, giving your post more views and boosting your overall popularity. Always be a credible source and stick to your brand; consistency is key when posting frequently. Also be sure to always check for grammatical errors, which will help you maintain a professional appearance.

2.) Broadcast your Facebook page- You should be promoting your Facebook page on your website with a link that is both visible and even enticing. If you have a physical location, you should post the link to your Facebook page in key visible areas, and you may even want to consider handing out cards or brochures with the web address printed on them. The basic rule is, whenever advertising would benefit from having your business web address (such as brochures, flyers, commercials, etc.), you should include the Facebook address as well.

3.) Remain active and consistent- Letting your Facebook page sit idly will ensure that it is quickly ignored and forgotten. Strive to have the best and most active Facebook around to keep your audience engaged. After all, literally millions of people can be reached through this wonderful social-media site.

4.) Don’t be a pest- You cannot force your fans to stay with you. Spamming posts, tagging fans in photos, and posting offers on their walls are all ways that appear desperate to the modern Facebook user. You risk losing trust and being ignored. Instead, be enticing as a business and get fans to come to you. Of course you should always respond to a fan’s communication, just keep in mind what is good business etiquette and what is not when dealing with fans and potential or existing customers.


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LinkedIn – Tips To A More Professional Profile

The Ibis Network Marketing Tips

LinkedIn has become more and more prominent in today’s media savvy world.  LinkedIn is a professional social network that essentially acts as a more in-depth professional resume, with many different options to create a great profile.  Perhaps the best perk of having a LinkedIn profile is that it simultaneously enables people to view your professional skill set while also seeing a list of people who have endorsed you.  However, having a LinkedIn profile alone is not enough to get you noticed by potential employers; you must know how to create a great profile and stay active to gain attention.  Below are some tips to help you create a more professional LinkedIn profile.

1. Set yourself up for success- The first thing you should do is make sure you have a fully entered profile. Completely filling up your profile will allow people to see that you have taken the time as a professional to put yourself out there in the best way possible.  Be sure to keep everything clean and professional, from your bio to your profile picture.

2. Proofread your profile- Make sure that you have no misspellings or grammatical errors before you finish your profile.  Having a sloppy profile can be a huge mistake when it comes time to promote yourself, as employers and potential endorsers can be quickly turned off  by viewing an unprofessional profile.

3. Pick the best profile picture- When uploading and setting your profile picture, keep in mind that this profile is your online resume.  Choose or take a picture that represents how you would look going into an interview.  First impressions mean everything, so if the picture needs to be cropped or edited in any way, be sure to take the time to do it right.

4. Stay active- LinkedIn offers exceptional group discussions and forums.  Find groups that are specific to your field of interest and target those groups.  These groups are great for learning new things and creating new contacts that could help you in the future.  Job listings are often posted in these groups as well, so be on the lookout for new opportunities.

5. Be truthful- Be honest on your profile.  Providing false or misleading information is not only in bad taste, but chances are the truth will out in an interview or even a future job.  If you feel that you don’t have enough experience or are just not cutting it as a potential employee, make sure to highlight the good things on your profile.  Endorsements can help you gain some credibility as well, so just keep your character intact and be honest with everything.


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How To Promote Your Blog Via Twitter

Twitter, The Ibis Network, Social Media Marketing

At the time of this writing, Twitter is the second most popular social-media site in the world, so its reach and influence cannot be overstated. That said, using Twitter successfully isn’t as easy as just making the occasional post about what’s going on with your company. Understanding the intricacies of how people communicate and connect via Twitter will give you a distinct advantage. Below are some tips to help you promote your blog via Twitter.

1.) Fill out your profile – A common enough step, many people skip this because they are excited to get started or simply don’t realize how important it can be. A fully completed profile helps to give you a professional appearance. A relevant and engaging profile picture gives clients a visual key to remember your Twitter account. Your profile is also where you should put your URL, encouraging your followers to check out your website.

2.) Leave room for retweets – While Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, it’s not always advisable to use every single one. When your followers “retweet” you (the act of re-posting someone’s tweet on your own account), the retweet may include that follower’s Twitter handle, and even extra text they have added, like a comment on your tweet. Using all 140 characters leaves them no room to do this, and may stop them from retweeting completely. Consider making your posts 125 characters or less to your give followers the opportunity to retweet your post.

3.) Post multiple times a day – There are a million Twitter accounts out there that only post one or two times a day. This is a surefire way to get ignored. Tweeting quality posts 2-5 times a day will keep you fresh in the minds of your followers, and give them that many more chances to retweet and interact.

4.) Keep separate accounts – Your business profile and personal profile should always be kept separate. Your business followers may not want to view the things on your personal account, and vice versa. Keeping these accounts separate will help keep your business message clear from your personal life.

5.) Don’t Spam – While posting frequently is very important, overdoing it can be a social death sentence. People who post meaningless tweets every hour of the day are sure to lose followers who become annoyed with the constant and useless updates. Make each post count and make it a quality tweet that your followers will benefit from. This will get you more followers and increase your chance of being retweeted.


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Build A Powerhouse Social-Media Presence

Social Media - Copy

While there is not an allotted amount of time that you should spend maintaining your social-media sites, simply having a presence may not be enough. Knowledge, involvement, and visibility are king in the world of social-media marketing. Below are some examples of how to build a formidable social-media presence.

1.)  Know your Clients – Take the time to really get to know who your customers are and how your brand can be relevant in their lives. The feedback you get about how your products or services play key roles in their lives will help to significantly improve your future content. By knowing your clients’ wishes and desires, you will be more equipped to help solve any issues they may be having, and this, in turn, will make you the obvious choice for future advice.

2.) Active Interactivity – One of the quickest ways to harm your social media presence is to not be visible. The world we live in now is one of instant gratification, and clients will no longer wait for days to get a response. Take every opportunity to engage clients and show them that, above all else, you are present. Showing that you take the time to listen to, and understand what concerns people, will instill a sense of trust in your brand.

3.) Limiting #Hashtags – Hashtags, or the act of placing a ‘#’ in front of a topic or phrase to categorize your post (i.e. “Can’t wait for swimsuit season! #summer”), were initially pioneered by Twitter, where conveying an idea in as few characters as possible is necessary. While they are great for highlighting certain aspects of your content, too many too frequently can be hard to understand, and even annoying to your clients. They have their place, and can be very useful, but be careful not to overdo it.

4.) Visibility – Social media is nothing if your clients don’t see when you post content. When you make a post, be sure to do it publicly, and at a time of day that is likely to get a lot of views. Timing can be difficult to pinpoint, especially if you have local as well as international business, where clients in other countries may not access their social media during your normal business hours. Over time, though, you will begin to see trends, and get a better idea of when to make your posts.


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3 Marketing Tips For your Company Blog


Blogs have become a major tool for marketing strategies, and are used by many businesses to drive traffic to their other networks, create authority and, most importantly, create business. If used correctly, blogs can help companies generate more revenue. Below are three very simple online marketing tips you can use to optimize your online presence and attract a larger audience to your blog, and in turn your company.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is a very useful and strategic method of marketing. By using keywords that are widely searched, you can ensure that your blog will rank more highly in search engine results, which will generate more traffic to your blog. With just a little research, you can find a list of commonly searched words that will naturally fit in your blog.

2) Back Linking – Back linking is essentially linking to another website on your own website or blog, or having your page linked-to via someone else’s site or blog. This is a great way to add credibility to your business while also optimizing your search engine results. You can support other individual or company blogs while adding a bit of information about your company through the “links” feature that many blog networks provide.

3) Stay Socially Active – Engaging your site’s visitors on a regular basis is essential. If your readers post a comment, be sure to reply and let them know that you received their post. You should also read and comment on other blogs. This will keep your name in the public eye as you gain new connections, and allow you to subtly market your business. Remember that activity and interactivity are the keys to social media marketing.

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4 Ways To Utilize LinkedIn Features To Build Business


LinkedIn is gaining momentum on Facebook and Twitter rapidly. 65% of businesses state that they use LinkedIn to acquire more sales and attract future customers to their company. Having reached over 200 million active users as of January 2013, the site offers a large selection of new and old features that can be used to optimize your social-media campaign. Businesses should take note of this potential to attract prospective clients, while enforcing a reliable and trustworthy relationship with current clients. Listed below are 4 ways your company can use LinkedIn’s features and tools to attract followers, drive traffic, build your network and add value.

1) Advertise – LinkedIn offers custom ads that can help you reach a wide audience with new promotions and deals. It also is an excellent way to build brand awareness. LinkedIn ads do cost money, but the advantage is that you can create your own budget and spend as little or as much as you like.

2) Track Your Progress – This feature goes hand in hand with LinkedIn ads and allows you to track your business’s success. Companies can use this tool to analyze the progress of their ads by seeing which ads perform the best and which ads may not be as popular among their targeted audience.

3) Upgrade – Businesses that are serious about using the site as a marketing tool can take advantage of LinkedIn account upgrades. This feature provides your business with better insights as to who is viewing your profile. It also offers more advanced search features that can help your company zero in on prospective opportunities.

4) Targeted Updates – This feature allows you to target specific status updates that are based on criteria you choose, such as location, industry, company size and job titles. This can be extremely helpful for companies looking to expand their client base in any particular industry.


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5 Tips To Having A Consistent Social-Media Reputation

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence is crucial to having a successful business. One of the key elements to a strong social-media campaign is consistency, which can prove to be more difficult than it sounds. Simply getting your brand out there is not enough; your brand may be represented differently on other social media sites, creating confusion. Below are some tips to keep a consistent social-media presence.

1.) Get Everyone On The Same Page - When you are representing your brand via social media, having everyone inside your company in unison regarding how to present that brand is essential, especially with larger companies. Always remain hyper-sensitive to your brand’s presence and stick to it. Holding regular meetings within your company to be sure everyone has a running knowledge of your brand can help to ensure that you are all working together.

2.) Be Consistent In Interaction - Your brand needs a personality to separate it from other brands. The way you engage your followers is the main method by which you can create that personality. The way you interact with the fans, as well as the times you choose to interact with them, should remain consistent to help strengthen your brand’s presence. Keeping cohesive brand personality will help you remain consistent and build trust with your followers.

3.) Business First - Many companies tarnish their brands by trying too hard to please people on different social-media sites, and thereby diversifying their brand’s persona. It’s important to remember that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Keeping your message professional and on track with your social-media campaign will build brand consistency.

4.) Know Your Market - By understanding the market you intend to cater to, you will be able to stay more consistent. A little research can go a long way in this case. If you don’t understand the intricacies of the market you are targeting, you risk using marketing ploys that could fail in the long term. Remember that anything you put on social-media sites is subject to be viewed and criticized by the public, which if not true to the market’s needs and desires, could hurt your attempt at success.

5.) Consider A Professional - If this all feels like a bit much, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do it for you. The main drawback to this method, other than the extra cost involved, is that you are bringing in someone from outside the company that will need to be familiarized with your campaign goals and brand personality. However, if your company struggles to find a way to stay consistent, this may be a valid option.


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