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Saturday February 13th 2016

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Tips For A Successful LinkedIn Company Page


Research has proven that consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that have an active online presence. LinkedIn is among the most trusted resources for professionals on the internet. Every company that strives for a professional web presence should create a company page on LinkedIn. A consistently updated LinkedIn page will help increase engagement and conversation between you and your prospects, referral partners and clients. By updating your audience on news, promotions and events, you will have more opportunities to increase lead generation, and ultimately, sales. ( For some ideas to generate leads using LinkedIn, click here.)
Below are a few tips to help make the most of your LinkedIn company page.

1. Compel Your Audience- Provide an extensive description of your company and products or services. Have all of your contact information listed and easy to access, and be sure to include a link to your website. Show your audience what you can do for them and why they should follow you. Use a high-quality logo or other professional image on the page to make it more attractive.

2. Create Valuable Content- Provide your audience with unique and attention-grabbing information. Post relevant articles and professional tips. For a well-rounded page, include ideas and details on events that are taking place within your company and industry. Content marketing is an effective way to gain a strong and loyal customer base.

3. Respond To Your Audience- Company pages have evolved and now allow you to further interact with your followers. Visitors can leave questions and feedback, to which you should respond in a timely manner. Use this new feature to your advantage, as it can be extremely beneficial in developing a relationship with your subscribers. This will help develop trust and build a more professional brand identity.

4. Attract Followers- Set a goal of attracting new followers each week. Engage with your colleagues and other professionals in your network. Add a link to your company page within your e-mail signature, and add a “Follow” button on other social-media sites. This will help gain traction on your page and ultimately gain new subscribers. LinkedIn makes it easy to create a dynamic email signature. (For help on how to create, edit, and save your LinkedIn company e-mail signature click here.)

5. Stay Consistent- Focus on engaging in daily activity, posting current information, and keeping things fresh. Ideally, your readers will look forward to each new communication and come to expect valuable insights that can aid them in their careers.

For more simple tips to make the most of your LinkedIn company page, click here.

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Tips To Create Quality Content For Your Facebook Business Page


You may be missing out on one of the best ways to grow your business if you are not investing time and employing key tactics on your Facebook Business page. Facebook can be instrumental in helping you shape and meet your business goals. Behind every great social-media campaign is a great strategy. Below are some tips for creating content that ensures your audience will come back for more.

  1. Create eye-catching material — Images on your Facebook Business page should maintain a professional air, but they can still be clever or humorous. Your information should also be interesting and well-sourced to capture and maintain the attention of your audience. For more tips, see our post on how to grab your audience’s attention.
  2. Give your audience insight — You don’t want to bore your audience with mundane, operational details of your company, instead you should highlight any interesting aspects and happenings. Post tips and tricks or behind-the-scenes footage. Create interactive posts that allow your audience to engage with you, and be timely and diligent in your responses.
  3. Engage often — One of the most important facets of maintaining a successful Facebook business page is a steady level of engagement. If someone poses a question or responds with feedback, you should respond as soon as you can to remain credible. Thank commenters for compliments or praise, and respond to each with a personalized message to avoid seeming scripted.
  4. Short and sweet posts — Long posts tend to be repetitive and boring, and your readers may lose interest before reading through the entire text. Keep posts short and sweet by highlighting the best content and paraphrasing when possible.
  5. Be approachable — In today’s world being approachable applies to more than face-to-face interaction. Your online persona must be friendly and relatable, which will build a stronger connection with your subscribers. People respond much better to products and services that they trust, so be a trusted resource.
  6. Link your website — When posting, always include a link that goes back to your website and other social-media outlets. Be sure to include social-media links on your website as well.

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Simple Tips To Increase Facebook Page “Likes”

Thumbs Up

A Facebook business page is an excellent way to build your brand and connect with potential customers. Building a large fan base and generating more “Likes” and shares can be a challenging task if you are part of a smaller company, but it is not as challenging as one may expect. With a little effort, there are a multitude of effective ways to increase your Facebook business page’s audience and level of engagement.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

Share Quality Content — Create and share interesting and valuable information. Cater to your audience and include information that is relevant to your industry and subscribers. Include eye-catching visuals to help draw in your audience — Facebook posts with photos get 53% more likes than the average post and 120% more engagement. Compelling content will hold readers’ attention, and include calls-to-action to increase clicks-through to your company’s website.

Be Proactive — Stay engaged on your business page throughout the day. Ask questions and respond to any comments made by your audience in a timely manner — 55% of consumers expect a response within 4 hours when engaging with a business on Facebook or Twitter. Share interesting posts or tips that pertain to your business, and that your network will glean wisdom from. Make sure people know you are there and readily available to them.

Make It Relevant — Customers and prospective customers will gravitate toward your site if they know they will find quality content. Strive to make your site intriguing and attractive. Upload photos and videos to aid in entertainment. You can also include a poll or run a contest to help increase “Likes” and grow your brand (If you don’t know how, here’s a quick Slideshare on how to run a Facebook contest). Include a call-to-action stating “Like this page to win….” to directly increase your number of subscribers. But before running any contests or establishing calls to action, make sure to check out Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines. In addition to spelling out what you can and can’t do, they give lots of best practices to make your promotion a success.

Market Your Online Site Offline — Add a QR code to your business cards or flyers (You can learn more about QR codes, and generate your own for free here. Integrating your offline customer base into your online customer base can double your business’s success, as well as help future customers find out more about your company, what you have to offer them, and how you can grow their business.


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5 Vital Ways To Grab Audience Attention

Hand Grasping Lightning

Marketers know that if they want to stay relevant they must not only be active on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but also on newer sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Today, approximately 97% of marketers use some form of social-media as a way to stay connected and reach future clients. The only problem is that social-media is still a relatively new way of marketing. Many marketers have not yet learned how to create or share relevant, personalized and interesting information. Below are five tips to consider that will help keep your audience loyal and interested.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Your followers are much more likely to engage with visuals than with text.  Posts that include an accompanying image receive 200% more engagement than posts containing only text. Online marketers utilizing visuals tend to thrive, with visual-based sites like Pinterest and Instagram flourishing.

Give Your Audience Attention Avoid writing only about yourself or your company. Make it a point to stop talking and start listening. Put the spotlight on your followers to make them feel respected, and their opinions appreciated. Ask open-ended questions to encourage feedback and continued engagement.

Think Before You Post It is neither positive nor professional to criticize others to gain attention or better position yourself. Before posting, ask yourself, “Could this offend someone?” If the answer isn’t a definite “No,” rephrase or refrain from posting. Pay considerable attention before posting to avoid offending your followers and competitors. It’s better to err on the side of sensitivity in order to sustain relationships.

Be Real Focus on creating posts that are unique and serve to remind people there is, in fact, a real person behind the screen. People want to connect with you, not necessarily a company. Keep it personable and authentic, and you will stand out from your competitors.

Have Fun If you are constantly worrying about your marketing techniques it will show. Your posts will become stiff and come across as too scripted. Have fun with your posts while also keeping them professional. You are more likely to increase engagement with your followers when they can interact with you and see your brand’s personality.


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Getting Started With Social-Media Ain’t Easy

Social Media

4 keys to social-media success

So you have a Facebook page, and maybe a Twitter account. Great, that was easy! But … now what? If you’re having a hard time getting off the ground with your social-media campaigning, then these four tips are for you. Even for us social-media experts, it’s sometimes good to go back and remind ourselves of these cornerstones of success.

  1. Set a goal or two. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Improve customer retention? Generate leads? Reduce marketing costs? Knowing exactly what you’re trying to accomplish will not only help you focus your time and efforts in the right places, but will make measuring your success possible. Without goals, how are you going to know if what you’re doing is “working”?
  2. Content, content, content. Ask anyone who’s successful in social media, and they’ll tell you that their success is tied directly both to the quality of their content, and to the regularity with which it’s published. If you want to move up in search results and stay relevant in the eyes of your constituents, then you’re going to need to publish quality stuff on a regular basis.
  3. Take stock and refine. Once you have a goal and are regularly publishing to achieve that goal, set yourself a time-frame over which to test it. Are you seeing the results you want? If not, it may be time to switch up your content strategy, or maybe even go back and refine your goals.
  4. Remember that social media is social. Although broadcasting great content is critical to your success, remember that we call these media “social” for a reason. If your followers respond to your content, don’t hesitate to interact with them. And don’t forget to reach out and follow others. This is a great way to see what your competition is doing (and you can bet they’ll be following you!).

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Quick Tips To Help Create A Professional, Successful Blog


Blogging has been an effective way to market your brand or business for quite some time, especially for those professionals who take the time to develop an impressive, informative blog. Finding topics on which to write can prove to be time-consuming or troublesome if you are just starting out. Businesses should strive to create content that enhances their reputation and promotes their brand. Making great content takes practice. Here are a few quick tips to help create a professional and successful blog:

  • Double-check everything prior to posting online. An embarrassing typo can be easily avoided with some attention.
  • Experiment with varied content to engage your fans and followers. Be creative and focus on topics that your ideal client will find useful.
  • Grab the attention of your audience and retain their attention- start with your title and build upon that, make it something catchy and unique so people feel compelled to read it.
  • Utilize social-media platforms- Creating your blog is only half of the battle, you have to ensure that your intended audience will find it.
  • Make your blog itself, or a link to your blog visible on your website in a prominent place.
  • Refresh when needed- Keeping your blog current and up to date is important and will prove to be a very large part of your success.

You will not have overnight success, yet you will gain attention when you earn it. Continually work to keep your blog relevant and current, people will respond to your diligence in a positive way.

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Basic Facebook Marketing Tips


Social-media is a vast and constantly evolving world, one that cannot be tackled by using just one universal tactic. A strategy that may work for LinkedIn may not necessarily apply to Facebook or Twitter. One must discover what works best for each social-media platform. Facebook is one of the largest and most popular sites for marketing, and if used correctly can aid in business growth. Here are a few ideas businesses can use to help increase Facebook sales and build a strong Facebook marketing campaign:

1. Post Frequently- Posting once each week is not enough, visitors may not be impressed by your level of commitment. However, don’t be aggressive and risk offending your subscribers. Try to find a happy medium in order to gain the most benefit from the feature.

2. Use Peak Times To Your Advantage- Exercise caution when choosing the time of day to post something. Before people head off to work, lunch-time and when people finish their workday are the most popular times to post. On the other hand, during these times you do have more competition. It’s a good idea to post every once in a while during off-peak times to raise your chances of being seen.

3. Ask Questions- Asking questions creates engagement and can generate more page views from followers and friends. If you are unsure of something, find a professional within your industry and ask them for advice. It never hurts to gain more knowledge. Also, ask your customers questions- find out what they like or dislike about your campaign or business model. Their comments may help strengthen your brand.

4. Respond Quickly- When someone takes the time to leave a comment or post that is directed to you or your business you should be considerate enough to respond promptly. This will help gain trust while reinforcing your commitment to customer service.


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Top 5 Reasons Social-Media Monitoring Is Vital For Your Business

Man_Magnifying Glass

There are approximately 255 million internet users in the U.S., and of those users, nearly 80% of them can be reached via social-media. It is imperative that your company monitor these sites to ensure you are using the correct approach to reach every prospective client or referral partner. Monitoring will also provide you with valuable feedback. Listed below are the 5 top reasons every business should be practicing social-media monitoring.

1. Know Your Reputation- Social-media provides a unique benefit to your customers and your business. Namely, your customers have the ability to share their opinions about you or your business, and you have the ability to respond to praise or ameliorate criticism. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to learn ways to improve your internet presence, and ultimately your business, by paying attention to what customers like and dislike.

2. Take Advantage Of Opportunities- Many social-media users are potential clients, or know someone who could be a potential client. Stay involved with your customers and prospective customers daily across the sites on which you are active. Jump at the opportunity to join in on a conversation that is relevant to your business. Offer advice, but avoid sales speak.

3. Control Negative Feedback- Keep in mind that not every transaction or interaction is perfect. It is crucial to properly address and accommodate any unhappy customers. Unresolved issues can tarnish your reputation. Avoid adopting a defensive position, instead treat these instances as opportunities to gather information, offer a solution, and grow from the experience.

4. Connect With Influencers- Find leaders within your industry to connect with. Identify those with high levels of engagement with their followers. Monitor their posts, and when the opportunity presents itself, join the discussion.

5. Take Note Of What Is Beneficial- Learn what works best for your businesses’ social-media strategy. Analyze which posts garner the most interaction with followers. Build knowledge from what others are sharing, and strive continually to improve.

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4 Effective Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List


Building a loyal base of email subscribers requires ongoing effort. Yes, many take the easy way and purchase a list, but in the long run this can hurt your reputation, and ultimately the growth of your business. There are a few ways you can legitimately target the people who are interested in the information you have to offer. Listed below are four easy methods you can employ to build your email marketing list.

1. Offer Value: When people subscribe to your email list they expect something in return. Decide what value you can provide them with as an offer of gratitude. Discounts, advance access, advice and tips are all useful options.

2. Show Examples: Encourage your audience to sign up by letting them know exactly what they can expect to receive. Offering a small sample will increase your subscription rates significantly. For instance, allowing your audience to see past copies of your newsletters, e-mails and promotions will help to attract a wider readership.

3. Make it Quick: Make the sign-up process quick and simple or you run the risk that people will become bored or annoyed and end up exiting the sign-up page. Basic information is all you need from your subscriber: First Name, Last Name, Email Address. Allow them to sign up anywhere on your website, blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter…. don’t make them search for it. By simplifying the process, you will greatly improve your chances of converting visitors to subscribers.

4. Make Emails Easy to Forward and Share: Insert a “forward to a friend” link in your emails or simply ask them to share with friends that may be interested. Make the email content easy to share on social-media sites, which gives your subscribers the option to share your information across their platforms. Additionally, track this activity to see how many people are sharing your information.

As always, avoid being overly solicitous, as that approach will only serve to undo much of the work you’re trying to accomplish.

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How To Successfully Boost Your Facebook Posts


Social advertising on Facebook has grown immensely with the launch of Ad Analytics. Each post is now equipped with the option to “boost” your content. Facebook’s boosted posts are page posts that can gain additional attention by paying for a larger audience reach. The feature allows you to choose how much money you want to spend to boost each post, making it a simple and affordable way to significantly increase the number of people who view your content. Also, boosted posts appear higher in the news feed. Here are a few tips to help you gain the optimal benefit from boosted posts.

1. Create Your Post: You are planning to spend money on this post, so put extra thought into creating content that will appeal to the largest number of people. Boosting your post will increase your viewers, but unless you provide interesting and valuable content, it won’t grow your prospects, page “Likes” or post shares.

2. Target Your Audience: The boost feature allows you to choose who sees a particular post. You have the ability to decide if you want to limit your post to fans of the page and their friends, or if you want to be more specific and target a set location, gender, or age group.

3. Choose A Budget: Evaluate how much money you feel comfortable spending on your post. The feature provides an estimation of how many people you will reach when you select the amount of money you plan to spend. Depending on how small or large your company may be, a small amount of money may help increase your views significantly. Start with $5, and add more if the initial boost is successful.

4. Trial And Error: Take notes on what works and doesn’t work. Learn what times work best for posting, what information should be boosted, and how many times a week or month you should be boosting posts. By monitoring your boosted posts over time you will end up saving money, reaching a larger audience, and increasing awareness of your company.


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How Images Can Significantly Increase Brand Awareness


Sharing photos to accompany your written content can be of tremendous benefit to your social-media campaign if done correctly. Images grab the attention of your audience initially, so marketers should take time to consider multiple pictures in order to choose the best pairing for your content. It is customary to dedicate ample time developing intriguing content to post, why not do the same when choosing visual images to accompany your text? Here are a few reasons why images play a significant role in all social-media campaigns and how you can use them to generate more business and create significant brand awareness.

1. Generate an Emotional Response: Photos are an excellent way to provoke an emotional response from your audience. Your viewers will look at the picture you provide as part of the story. Make it real so people will feel a connection with you, your products and your services.

2. Provide a Clear Idea: When viewing posted photos of your products, or images that accompany your description of services offered, visitors should have a clear idea of what they will be getting should they decide to purchase your product or work with your company. Be sure the image is easy to see and accurately portrays the product or service your company is offering. If you provide a picture of yourself, your employees, your building or your office space, it will help create a human “face” for your business and aid in brand recognition.

3. Use Uniform Photos Across Your Social-Media Profiles: Use the same pictures on all of your social-media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so visitors will quickly recognize your company. Adding a head-shot, the exterior of your building, or your company logo are all great ideas to help increase brand awareness and grow your social-media fan base.

4. Use Professional Photos: A professional photographer is the best option to help your campaign look professional and neat, but if you simply can’t afford to hire a professional for all of your visual online marketing needs, don’t let that stop you from posting quality images. Use a good point-and-shoot camera and take multiple pictures. Sift through them and pick the best ones to upload on to your platforms. Use your best judgment and make sure the photo is in focus.

5. Beware Using Licensed Images: Most importantly, do not use licensed stock photography or images you find online. Using images for which you do not have a license could result in a hefty fine. Subscribe to a stock-photo site, or create your own images in-house.


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Tips To Increase Your Social-Media Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate

Websites are the hub of any business’s online marketing efforts, and where most people go to get questions answered, research your business, and gain trust. It is vital to promote your website across all of your social-media channels in order to drive the largest possible amount of traffic there. Here are a few things you can do to connect with future customers and give them a friendly push to visit your company website:

1. Have A Call-To-Action: Pique your viewers’ interest with a short and interesting post on any of your social-media sites, then incorporate a call-to-action that will link them back to your website. For example: “Find out more here” “Click here to win” “View more deals here”

2. Give Fans A Reason To Click: Grab your fans’ attention by posting an enticing picture, and a bold, interesting title. Keep in mind that many people do still judge a book by its cover. The initial attraction to the post will help bring fans to your site and significantly increase your click-through rate.

3. Keep It Concise: A long, drawn-out message may bore your viewers, and push them away from your page. Keep your message clear, easy to understand and short. Incorporate key points and add additional information on your landing page.

4. Provide An Exciting Landing Page: You have gone through all of the work getting people to visit your web page, once there you want them to stay and look around for a substantial period of time. Be sure your landing page holds their attention. You want your audience to be excited about your company and the ways in which you can help them. Use your landing page to provide further information about your business, and in-turn increase trust and familiarity.

Most importantly, avoid being overly solicitous. Heavy sales talk is a sure-fire way to lose someone’s interest.


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How to Promote Your Business via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is arguably the most prominent professional networking site around, and offers nearly unlimited possibilities to promote yourself and your business. LinkedIn can also be a very creative outlet when used properly. Finding that perfect mix of professional and creative will help increase business, revenue, or even the overall size of your business. Whether you are new to LinkedIn or a veteran, the following tips will help you promote your business:

1) Contribute as a guest writer – Not only will being a guest writer help to boost your popularity, it also gives you the opportunity to include your social-media networks within your article, and an article with good content can help to boost your business as a whole.

2) Give some value and stick to it – Get creative in the ways you direct people to your LinkedIn profile. Promoting your LinkedIn profile can be tricky, yet doing so in an engaging and compelling way will help tremendously to add value to your page.

3) Utilize business cards – Business cards are a very smart way to keep your LinkedIn profile visible. Including your social-media network links on your business card is extremely effective, as people enjoy having something tangible to hold on to, and it allows them to visit your site when it is convenient for them.

4) Add LinkedIn to your resume – LinkedIn is basically an online version of your resume, so including it inside of your physical resume is a sure sign of a prepared professional. This also allows you to have more references than you would have room for on a standard resume, giving a potential employer more opportunities to see something they like.

5) Send emails – LinkedIn allows you to get this information out to the masses with one click. Whether you are looking for a job, building your business, or looking for friends, emailing your LinkedIn profile can be extremely beneficial.

6) Upload your email contacts – LinkedIn makes it very easy to upload your email contacts and invite them to connect with you. Click on the Add Connections tab and follow the instructions.


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Important Tips to Help Boost Your Brand Online

Creating an online presence that people will continually flock to is the ultimate goal. This is accomplished by building a solid brand. Molding a brand that uniquely represents your business will enhance your audience, and create a well-rounded social-media campaign. It can be risky and challenging to building a brand the correct way. It is important to stay consistent, and work with your strengths. Below are some tips to help you boost your brand and your business:

1) Be real – Being genuine and down-to-earth will show your audience that you are grounded and trustworthy. Communicating simply and truthfully will help to attract your desired followers and, in the case of a blog, readership.

2) Have fun – A common misconception is that businesses cannot have fun on social-media. In fact, building a brand does not need to be a wholly serious affair, as some of your audience may need a modicum of levity to feel comfortable and engage with you. Humor puts people at ease and makes them more receptive to your brand and message.

3) Be social – While you need to be true to who you are as a company, be sure to vary the content you present to your audience. The same repetitive content will drive business away rather than attract it. Users are more likely to return to a site that presents them with engaging and unique content often.

4) Support charities – If you have ever considered supporting charities, now is the time to do so. Support a charity that underscores what you believe in, and has you and your company’s core values in mind. Investing yourself into something worthwhile will show your customer base that you are in it for the right reasons, spiking interest.

5) Be free – Don’t be afraid to take risks and be free; your customers will appreciate it. While your content should be filled with quality information that people expect from your brand, you still have some artistic freedom to expand on ideas. Setting yourself apart from your competition will be crucial to an effective social-media campaign.


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Innovative Ways To Customize Your Facebook Fan Page


Today, just having a website is simply not enough. Maintaining a Facebook presence is vital in order to have a successful online marketing strategy. Facebook fan pages allow businesses to connect with potential customers, past customers, and referral partners. A successful fan page will generate leads, and allow you to share valuable content with your contacts. Customizing your Facebook fan page is fairly straightforward. Here are a few ways to make your fan page unique and attractive.

1. Personalize Your Vanity URL: This will help your page look more professional and identifiable to your audience while also making it easier to share with others. For example: use your company name.

2. Customize Your Welcome Page: Use iFrames and create a custom tab on your page, which will allow you to feature specific images and promotions. Use the welcome page to greet your viewers, and encourage them to “Like” your fan page.

3. Use A Creative Visual: This can be your logo or something more creative that will provide information about your business. Design something that will catch the eye of your audience, and entice them to explore the rest of the page.

4. Take Advantage of Post Targeting: Facebook now offers a tool that allows you to target certain audiences with different posts. Use this tool to customize posts for fans with different languages, certain locations, and specific needs. This will customize your fan page and result in increased engagement.

5. Run Facebook Promotions: By running promotions on your fan page you will attract new fans and drive increased traffic to your page. Use contests, user-generated content promotions, and coupons to attract a larger audience and engage with your existing audience.


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5 LinkedIn Tools for Business

Business People_Globe

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social-media network and boasts over 175 million professional and active users. LinkedIn offers an effective way to promote your business and helps you stay in contact with personal friends, schoolmates, past and present colleagues, and past and prospective clients. An increasing number of businesses are starting to incorporate LinkedIn as part of their personal and business marketing campaigns, primarily due to its many valuable marketing tools. Listed below are the top 5 tools every business should be actively using:

1) Update Status – This is a simple and, for most people, very familiar tool. By posting a status update, you are instantly marketing your business, as long as the information is important, relevant and compelling. Be sure to keep all of your posts professional and polite for the best results.

2) Endorsements and Recommendations – True testimonials from your past and present clients will help improve your reputation, and will provide your LinkedIn page with accountability. Add specific skills that you are proficient in to your LinkedIn profile, and ask others to endorse or recommend you. You also may want to endorse or recommend fellow connections to help promote both of your profiles.

3) Company Pages – Company pages are very similar to Facebook fan pages, but are specifically designed for business. Creating and promoting a company page allows you to market to a larger audience of professionals in your specific field. The Company Page is created to make it easier for visitors, allowing them to quickly and efficiently discover what your business is all about.

4) Display Ads – Ads can take your business from a slow start to a booming rush, if used correctly. Using demographics and geolocation will help you target specific audiences. Display Ads also provide tools that help track the success of your marketing ad, and ensure you are receiving the best bang for your buck.

5) LinkedIn Polls – Like many other social-media sites, LinkedIn offers a Polls tool that allows users to engage with their customers and receive important feedback on a specific topic or question. It also shows your peers that you value their input and opinions.In offers a Polls tool that allows users to engage with their customers and receive important feedback on a specific topic or question. It also shows your peers that you value their input and opinions.


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How to Increase Your Email Marketing List


Many businesses do not believe email marketing lists work, and thus miss out on the opportunity to use to them. Email is one of the most used communication channels in the world and can also be the most effective. At least 91% of consumers check their email every day, making email an incredibly viable source of marketing. Below are some ways to increase your email marketing list:

1) Hold contests – Holding contests is an excellent way to drive traffic to your business. Sending out an email offering an incentive, like a discount or a contest, will entice your customers to engage more. A well planned and themed contest will stay in your customers’ minds, and keep them coming back.

2) Create an easy sign-up form – Customers don’t like what they consider Spam, or unwanted/unsolicited emails. Having an email list sign-up form is a terrific way to retain your invested fans, who will be interested in, and want to receive the emails you send out. Having a sign-up link on your website and other social-media sites will allow new people to sign up, as well.

3) Offer incentives to sign up – Sometimes all people need is a little nudge to finish making their decision about signing up for a newsletter. Offering a unique and enticing incentive will help convince them to give you a shot.

4) Offer free programs – Offering free, premium accounts for signing up for your email list will help consumers realize that you are there to help. It will build trust through action, and in turn, leave them with a great experience.


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Tips to Increase Engagement Rate on Facebook

The Ibis Network Social Media Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are attracted to Facebook for the sheer volume of users it attracts, yet these same businesses often don’t know how to reach those same people. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and precise planning for any company to get to a satisfying level of social-media engagement. If you can’t afford to spend loads of money on your social-media marketing campaigns, don’t fret: the companies that are most sought after are ones that make a great game plan and follow through with it. The following tips will help to improve your engagement rate on Facebook:

1) Strive to be genuine – As a business owner, you want to portray the most positive image of your company as possible. Upload pictures of daily activities, company outings, community service projects etc. By sticking to your brand and showcasing what you have worked for, you show the public that you are legitimate, trustworthy, and approachable.

2) Timing is crucial – Timing is perhaps one of the most vital key aspects of your Facebook campaign. By timing your posts at the right time of day, you create a window of opportunity for your content to reach the most people. Research your audience to determine the best times to reach them, and even try experimenting by posting at different times of the day and week to see when you get the most attention.

3) Get to know your audience – Engage your audience to ask them for feedback and advice, and be willing to do the same for them. Finding out more about your audience will help you gain insight into what you are doing right, and what you need to work on.

4) Make them laugh – Humor seems to fit Facebook quite nicely. Being able to make your audience laugh by posting clever content or videos ensures that they will remember you. Don’t overuse humor to the point of annoyance, but choose your moments and make them count.


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