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Monday February 8th 2016

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Tips To Better Understand Your Facebook Audience



Facebook can improve your company’s visibility in a multitude of ways as many business owners now know.  However, not knowing how to generate traffic and popularity on your Facebook page will undoubtedly lead to mediocre results.  Knowing your audience is an integral part of being successful inside the Facebook world.  Below are three tips that will help you get on your way to understanding your audience better.

1.)  Know Your Demographic- One of the key elements of a successful Facebook page is knowing how to attract fans who will benefit from your services or information you share.  This is the audience you want to “Like” your page and stay tuned-in to what you have to say or offer.  Under the Admin Panel, Facebook has enabled you to build an audience with the Invite Friends tool. Using this new asset will help trigger a response from a more specific audience. Paying a service for more “Likes” will only likely muddle your brand rather than strengthen it.

2.)  Go Over Your Insights- Realizing what is being viewed on your page is vital to setting up future posts for success. Under the Admin Panel, you can look at the Overview to see your insights- what is being viewed most and by whom. Knowing these details will help you fine-tune when and what you post to ensure maximum views and traffic.

3.) What Does Your Audience Enjoy?-  Knowing your audience is one step in the battle, yet truly understanding them is different. Facebook offers a graph search which allows you to search items and see the impact they have on viewers. Doing this will help you create posts that are specific to your demographic. In turn, your Facebook page will thrive even more than ever.


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How To Build A Reputable Facebook Fan Page


Facebook was originally created for college-age adults as a tool to help while school was in session. Now, Facebook is not only for college students but is literally for everyone. Businesses lately have been opening their doors to more and more social-media networks. The most popular being Facebook, and more specifically Facebook fan pages; after all, Facebook is still the leading social-media network with over 800 million users.   The number-one way you can have a successful Facebook fan page is to look reputable to your online fans. Here are some easy tips to  help your Facebook fan page look more reputable:

Choose A Professional Name For Your Facebook Fan Page:
  This may seem obvious but choosing a professional, well thought-out Facebook fan page name is essential. The main thing to remember is to keep it simple. Stuffing the name with a ton of adjectives and keywords will potentially hurt your viral growth rate and make you seem unorganized, and let’s face it, unprofessional. Sounding generic is something to avoid, as well. Sounding generic can make your existing fans cautious and less likely to become engaged on your fan page. Another reason why you should  avoid sounding generic is that Facebook can actually take away your ability to post or interact on your page if you look suspicious or fake.

Upload An Impressive Cover Image:  Your cover image should be just as professional as your name. For example, a nice professional picture of you, your business or your co-workers is fine. Remember to keep it authentic. A picture you grabbed off of Google will probably not do the trick. People also tend to get tired of things very fast in the social-media world. Updating your cover image once a month will keep fans interested and will make your page look more attractive and fresh.

Explain Yourself:  In your Facebook fan-page edit box, there is  an area designated for you to explain your website. It is crucial to  take the time to explain yourself or your company to your fans. A short summary will suffice while giving them a sense of familiarity. You can potentially build a bond with your fans this way, and they will be more likely to trust what you are doing and who you are. You should also add a link to your website. The link can be used as a back-up source to show you are a reputable business or individual and can also be used to drive more traffic to your website.

Give Contact Information:
  To optimize your Facebook fan page for local searches, it is highly important to include your address, city, state, and zip. An increasing amount of people are turning to social media for answers, and this is an easy way of providing your fans with contact information fast. Another benefit is that Google places a higher importance on Facebook fan pages with specific information, such as your business’s phone number and address. This tip can effectively improve your over-all population awareness and your brand.

In addition, your website logo should be somewhere on the Cover of your Facebook fan page or used as your profile picture to preserve and optimize your reputability.

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Twitter For Business: What And Where To Share

Photo by C!../Flickr


Sharing is a big part of a successful social-media campaign. You’ve got to share and be shared to gather followers, fans, and friends online. But, for a lot of people, curiosity about social media is overwhelmed by a sense of dread over having to come up with content, posts, updates, and tweets on a regular basis.

Here are some ways to ideas, hints, and tips on what and where to share …

You’re A Curator: First things first, you don’t have to have anything interesting to say. The Internet is a vast resource and no one person can absorb all the information that’s available online. Which is to say, if you’ve come across anything in the news or anything that would be of interest to a potential client, share a link on your Twitter page. It’s a great way of informing and keeping in touch with existing customers and potential business. And it relieves you of the necessity of always having to come up with something to say off the top of your head. A curator is in charge of choosing the art that hangs on a museum’s walls, not creating it. Think of yourself as a curator and share the most interesting and relevant news that relates to your target audience.

You’re An Expert: Now, you may not think of yourself as an expert. Few people do. However, if you’ve spent any time in your current business, chances are you know more than the people paying you for your services. Otherwise, they’d do it themselves. That means, at the very least, you can add insights, context, and explanation to any information you’ve tweeted. If, for example, you tweet a link to an article related to your industry, add another tweet with some background or explanation. Give your Twitter followers some of your insight and expertise and they just may end up as your customers and clients

You’re A Media Mogul: Most importantly, share your content between your social-media sites. If you’re setting up a Twitter page, there are many ways to import blog posts and such to your Twitter feed. There are also easy-to-use apps and tools that will export your tweets to your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or blog. In other words, think of each of your individual pages as part of one whole. Spread your content around and make sure it’s getting out and circulating among all your connections and contacts across the Internet. The more you share, the more visible you are. The more visible you are, the more likely you are to turn online contacts into real-world clients.