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Saturday November 28th 2015

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5 Helpful Ways To Gain Facebook “Likes”


Many companies are striving to acquire more “Likes” for their Facebook
business pages and may have difficulty finding success. The more “Likes”
your page gets the better the odds that your page will be seen and
visited by your targeted audience while optimizing your exposure to
prospective clients in your extended network. Below are 5 helpful ways
you can increase your Facebook “Likes”, grow your fan base, and build a
powerful social-media marketing strategy.

1. Incorporate The “Like” Button On Your Company’s Website- This will
help your online visitors easily find your Facebook page and, in turn,
increase the chances of them “Liking” your company’s Facebook page.

2. Utilize Your Email Signature- Add an icon in your email signature
that will alert contacts to your Facebook page when they receive an
email from you. This is a simple and effective way to share your
business page with established and prospective clients.

3. Offer Incentives- Running promotions is an excellent way to gain more
“Likes” on your page. For example, those who “Like” your page will be
entered into a raffle or contest. This is a proven method to build your
fan base.

4. Stay Engaged And Interact – Give your fans a way to express their
opinions. Be sure to reply to posts made by your fans and stay active on
your page so people will see your company as a reliable source. Use the Facebook “poll” feature as a way to get users to engage and
submit their opinions, and to show that you really are interested in
hearing what they think.

5. Add A Link To Your Facebook Page On Your Blog- Blogs are becoming
more and more popular among businesses as a quick way to keep clients
informed and up-to-date on industry news and company events. A daily
blog presence also serves to build your reputation as an expert in your
network. Additionally, blogs can help drive visitors to your Facebook
page and your company website.

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How To Become A Successful Email Marketer Without Annoying Your Mailing List


From time to time, articles are written in newspapers and magazines declaring the death of email. And while it may be true among tech-savvy, 15-year-old iPhone users with Facebook and Twitter apps, for the rest of us, email remains an effective and popular way to stay in contact with clients, promote services, discount offers, and any other info useful to building relationships and business.

Here are a few tips on how to become a more successful email marketer …

Keep it Small: The best thing about being a small business and not a giant corporation is the ability to form personal relationships with your customers. And, because you’ve established that relationship, you can be assured your emails are being received by people that want to do with business with you. Which is to say, don’t be shy about asking for email addresses. After all, the first step toward better email marketing is building a mailing list. Tell people you’re starting an exclusive email program for your best customers and, if they sign up, they’ll receive promotions, relevant info, and members-only discounts and incentives.

Offer Options and Incentives: And speaking of incentives, the simplest way to avoid offending your list and receiving more unsubscribes than subscriptions, is to give them something they want. If you’re mailing out the same promotional flyer week after week, you’re likely to become a nuisance with fewer and fewer subscribers. Offer them something attractive that they can’t get anywhere else. And, if you’re still losing subscribers, suggest instead that they follow you on Twitter or your Facebook fan page or anywhere else you’re communicating with potential partners and clients.

Address the Subject: As anyone with an email inbox already knows, without an effective subject line, your email – regardless of how good the deal or irresistible the offer – will end up deleted before ever having the chance to interest anyone. If you want more people to open the emails you’re sending out, address the subject line first. Keep them as short as you can, if possible fewer than six words. The longer the subject, the more likely it’ll be cut off or ignored. Also, feel free to be creative. Try to imagine what would grab your attention and test it out. And then keep testing. Once you’ve found a subject line that drives up your open rate, stick with it and keep on it.

The Ibis Network /

5 Steps To Building A Bigger Business Network On Twitter


1. Make Friends

The more people you follow, the more people will follow you. Choose some interesting people and businesses in your industry or region and follow them. Check their followers and follow some of them too. Not only will you have access to any tips and info they share, you’ll boost your visibility and attract your own followers. Search some keywords related to your industry here and follow the resulting users.

2. Ask Questions

Ask for feedback, advice, or opinions. Post a poll or a survey. Ask for information. Take the opportunity to listen and learn rather than using Twitter as a means for pure promotion and marketing.

3. Share Links

Find news, information, or anything else you find interesting and share the link with your Twitter followers. Sharing important or interesting information related to your particular expertise builds credibility and attracts like-minded users.

4. Offer Deals, Promotions, And Tips

Offer incentives. Discounts, deals, and valuable advice will earn you followers and promote your business and services.

5. Engage

Build a community by commenting and re-tweeting what other people have posted. Post something that isn’t directly related to your business. Talk about other businesses in your area. Point out interesting things in your community.

Adapted from info found here, here, here, and here. Earlier Twitter tips from The Ibis Network here.

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