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Wednesday February 10th 2016

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Profitable Ways To Build Your Brand On Twitter


Digital media allows you the opportunity to explain yourself or your business to a wide and diverse audience. Twitter is an exceptional tool that can be used to build your brand efficiently and achieve a better business strategy while increasing your profit. Twitter offers an optimal network that can help your business reach a large readership in a quick and efficient way. Here are 5 tips that will help build your business brand on Twitter.

1. Your Twitter Name Should Reflect Your Company’s Name: This may seem like common sense, but many companies fail to communicate their brand in their Twitter name. This is the first thing people  see when viewing your profile.

2. Use Your Company Logo As Your Picture: Twitter has an allotted space designated for your picture. Businesses should use the space to share their company logo. This tactic will entice visitors and help them identify your logo with your brand and ultimately your business.

3. Tweet Often: Users should be tweeting multiple times daily to stay in Twitters home-page stream. Businesses want to be sure that the information they are tweeting is being viewed. This is an excellent way to ensure that you are reaching the largest possible audience.

4. Provide Valuable Information: Posting compelling information is of the utmost importance when tweeting. Sharing intriguing information about your area of expertise will keep readers engaged and serve as a constant reminder of your knowledge and commitment.

5. Plan For The Future: Social-media is an extremely fast-paced environment and to be prepared for the future you must think ahead. Plan your tweets for the coming days to optimize your Twitter strategy and  reinforce the growth and success of your brand.


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3 Effective Ways To Build Your Business Using Linkedin


LinkedIn can be used for more than just finding a new company or career building. Marketers can use the site as a prime way to build business by making connections with influential individuals in their specific industry. LinkedIn company pages are proving to be an excellent way to advertise at no cost. Here are three tips that will help benefit your LinkedIn company page and help grow your business without spending a penny.

1.) Create Leadership: One of the most effective ways to build your business on LinkedIn is to position yourself as an expert in your field. LinkedIn Answers  and Groups allow you to gain leverage in your specific industry. You can do this by sharing relevant and informative information from your website or blog. People join groups and ask questions to gain valuable information from someone who may appear more knowledgeable in a certain field of interest. Having answers to hard questions will build your professional reputation and help establish yourself as the go-to guru.. This type of marketing is subtle but will help promote your business to new audiences.

2.) Update Your Status: This is crucial. The more you update your status, the better opportunity you create to generate more clients. Use your status  to notify your connections of promotions you may be offering, business announcements, or new products you have to offer. This will help build your brand while creating trust with your connections. Do this without flagrant self-promotion.  

3.) Display Your Brand: When people go to any social media site you operate, your brand should be prevalent. Add a picture or logo that represents your company. Be sure your site is constructed professionally and has your contact information prominently displayed. People do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out  who you are and what you have to offer, your brand should speak loudly.


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HereDeixis – In linguistics, deixis refers to the phenomenon wherein understanding the meaning of certain words and phrases in an utterance requires contextual information.

How Social-Media Polls Can Benefit Your Business


Social Media allows the opportunity to acquire quick feedback essential to all marketers in order to stay agile. When used properly, polls on social-media platforms can help you collect crucial feedback from clients or prospective clients in a speedy manner. Almost all top social-media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer the ability to create polls. Businesses should be utilizing this tool to advance their business and build their brand. Below are 3 reasons why every social-media marketer should be using polls in their social-media marketing strategy.

1.) Running a poll is a way to optimize your business. Clients can easily and quickly communicate how they feel about your business, product or general research.

2.) Polls will help you pinpoint what your clients or future clients are interested in, what they like and what they expect from you or your business.

3.) Using polls will help you keep all of your content on the right track in a cost effective way and, in return, will help you gain insight from your targeted audience.

There are 2 ways you can run a poll through social media; both ways can help build your business and provide excellent feedback. To optimize your campaign you should strive to incorporate both components into your marketing plan.

1.) Multiple Choice or Quiz- This option is highly effective and quick. Asking people whether they prefer (A) or (B) will allow you to receive fast feedback from your audience in a simple and straightforward way.

2.) Ask A Question- This is more advanced; you ask your community a specific question hoping they give you a detailed reply. This will help you gather highly specific data while maintaining awareness of your clients needs.


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By The Numbers: Four Stats That May Change Your Mind About Social Media

If you were told that you could network your business to millions of people without spending anything more than your time and effort, you’d have to be crazy or independently wealthy to turn down the opportunity. And yet, many people ignore the platform social media provides to spread the word and promote their business. If you’re among those that still feel that social media isn’t important, necessary, or vital to boosting your business, a recent Harris Interactive poll of 2,037 may help change your mind.

Here are some of the numbers …

62 percent of Americans say they’re afraid of missing something if they don’t keep an eye on their social network. In other words, a majority of respondents are glued to status, news, and event updates received through their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. Which means, social-media is as important a source of information to a majority of Americans as their phone and email messages. Having a presence on any – or all – of the major social-media sites is an opportunity to be among the updates being shared and read by the millions of Americans that check in on Facebook before reading their email inbox.

Among respondents 18 to 34, nearly 40 percent said they check their profiles every morning after waking up. Maybe you’re thinking that your business doesn’t appeal to a young demographic and that means you don’t need a social-media campaign. But the fact that an increasing number of young Americans turn to social media immediately after getting out of bed says something about the future importance of the medium and the probably longevity of its popularity. In other words, social media isn’t going away. In fact, it’s becoming more popular among Americans.

40 percent said they’d rather clean the shower drains at the local gym than give up their social network. Okay, maybe the drains at your local gym are spotless and that stat doesn’t impress you. How about the fact that the same number of respondents said they’d rather wait in line at the DMV, give up an hour of sleep every night for a year, get a root canal, or sit in traffic for four hours while listening to polka music?

Nearly 70 percent of LinkedIn users are just observing. Not all social-media users are interested in telling the world what they did with their day. In fact, a lot of activity on social networks doesn’t involve posting or participating. The fact that more than half of Twitter users and nearly 40 percent of people on Facebook are just looking means your information, content, and updates could be among those being read by users who log in to their social-media accounts as a source for information, recommendations, and news.