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Friday February 12th 2016

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YouTube For Business: How To Create, Curate, Direct, And Distribute Video Online

If reality television taught us that people would do just about anything to appear on TV, YouTube taught us that deep down everyone really wants to direct. Which is to say, the popular video-sharing website has given anyone with a webcam the ability to create, produce, direct, and distribute their videos across the Internet. And, based on the more than 30 hours of video uploaded every minute, people are taking advantage of the easy-to-use free service.

So how can you market your business on YouTube without having to first find a talking dog or hilariously cute baby to help your videos go viral and pull in millions of viewers? Here are some tips …

Start Small and Stay Small: If your goal is international stardom and a guest spot on a late-night talk show, you’re probably going to be disappointed. If, however, you set your expectations a bit lower, you may be surprised at the results. That means, making videos that appeal directly to your prospects, potential clients, and partners. Having informative, interesting, and entertaining videos to share with your business contacts is more important than having six million views. Besides, you’re not going to get six million views. Know that in advance.

You’re Gonna Be In Pictures: Creating content for videos shouldn’t be any more difficult than coming up with blog posts or updates for your social-media pages. In other words, anything you’re writing can be turned into a video. Answer frequently asked questions, address customer concerns, discuss pertinent industry and regional news, or upload a slide show or screen cast. As with any other social-media marketing, your sales pitch won’t make for a compelling video. Try to avoid, or disguise, your sales message. Keep it interesting, informative, and entertaining and, most importantly, aimed at your business audience.

Curate Rather Than Create: Say you’re technologically challenged or having a hard time developing and producing your own videos. Well, starting your own YouTube channel is simple and allows you to add videos you’ve found and would like to share with your clients. That’s right. You needn’t produce all the content yourself. Search for videos that pertain to your industry or region and share them through a playlist on your YouTube channel. Then link it to your blog or Facebook page to syndicate your videos across your social network.

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Fact or Fiction: The Truth Behind Four Common Social-Media Myths

There are always those that are slow to adopt new technologies. There were likely a stubborn few who insisted that the horse-and-carriage was, in fact, a much more effective means of transportation than the early automobile. Then there are those that fundamentally misunderstand the medium, like those that thought television would be a passing fad. In other words, innovation can lead to myths, mistakes, and misconceptions.

Below, we tackle some common social-media myths in an effort to better understand the benefits and best practices of any online effort.

It’s Not For Business: Social-media marketing is good for any business, despite those that say it only works for some. After all, in any business endeavor, getting word out about your services is the name of the game. Social media is yet another platform to do just that. Keeping in touch with clients, announcing new products or services, educating, communicating, and engaging your customer base are made easier with a smart strategy and some effort.

It’s For Kids: Last year, social networking was named the top emerging channel for lead generation. In addition to being an effective way of branding your business and syndicating your message, social media has been found to help build and maintain businesses by improving their relationships with their clients, customers, partners, and prospects.

It’s Automatic: For as many people that will tell you social media won’t work for your business, there are those that will tell you that it’s easy, automatic, and requires little more than setting up the pages and reaping the rewards. But having a successful networking strategy, whether online or off, means work. In order to build and keep traffic coming to your profiles and pages, you’ve got to maintain your presence and offer something of value. That means, responding to comments, offering interesting content, keeping your pages fresh, and, most of all, participating.

It’s About The Numbers: Having the most Facebook fans in your region certainly can give the impression of success. But having 20,000 fans outside of your target audience only means your business isn’t doing as well as your Facebook page. Don’t get discouraged. Having five fans that bring you consistent business is better than having a million that don’t.

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Social Media For Realtors: How To Stop Stalling And Start Building A Network Online

Imagine the Internet is a never-ending cocktail party and the guest list includes nearly every prospective client and possible referral partner in your region. Now imagine it’s well known that this cocktail party is where nearly 90 percent of all real-estate transactions begin. Now imagine that this cocktail party is taking place right across the street and welcomes you to attend in your most comfortable pair of pajamas. Now imagine not making the effort to show up and make some new contacts, all while complaining that business ain’t what it used to be.

Selling anything requires getting in front of potential clients. And social-media sites offer a relatively simple means of accessing thousands of prospects unattainable through traditional efforts.

A few things to think about …

1st-Time Homebuyers: Younger buyers are even more likely to rely on the advice and opinions of their online network of friends, family, followers, and connections when making a big decision. And there’s few bigger than buying a home. Having a social-media strategy means you’re more likely to have made a connection with someone’s aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, or brother along the way. And that aunt or uncle, mother or brother is then more likely to recommend your services.

Previous Clients: Inviting your previous clients to become part of your social network means building a larger online community. And every contact you make online means more exposure, as you also become part of their community of friends, family, and neighbors. After you’ve setup your online profiles, invite your previous clients to join your network and don’t be surprised if they end up doing some of your marketing for you.

Above and Beyond: Once you’ve invited your friends, family, previous clients, and the rest of your personal network, it’s time to reach out beyond the people you regularly contact. Luckily, social media sites make it easier than ever to get back in touch with old friends, former co-workers, and anyone else in your community that might be interested in buying or selling a home. Sending a friend request on Facebook is a lot less awkward than making a phone call out of the blue. And after you’ve established a network online, some of those old acquaintances may lead to new business.

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