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Friday February 12th 2016

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How To Create An Innovative Facebook Page

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Facebook has the potential to build long-lasting and strong relationships between you and your clients; however, being a successful marketer on Facebook takes more than just posting and hoping it gets attention. Using Facebook to market your brand can be extremely time consuming and involved, but the end result can be immensely rewarding for your company. Below are some tips to create a Facebook page to engage and retain followers.

1.) Content - When posting on Facebook, it is crucial to know your audience and what they like.  By knowing your audience, you can generate content specifically geared towards them, greatly increasing the chances that the content will be liked and shared. A good starting point is humorous or inspirational posts, which usually do well with most audiences. The biggest benefit of sharing is extending the reach of your content exponentially. Remember that even if someone doesn’t read your posts, they may read those same posts if shared by a friend.

2.) Discussion - Customer service is an integral part of staying successful in any business, and Facebook’s visibility and reach has made it one of the most useful customer service platforms. Encouraging comments and feedback from your followers is a valuable way to start discussions, and to keep your followers invested in what is going on at your company. When you engage your audience, they will engage you, as well.

3.) Facebook Check-In – Facebook Check-In is a great tool that allows customers to say they are physically at your business. This can help to encourage others to do the same. Check-In also provides direct feedback about products and services, as customers discuss their experience at the location, and creates a sense of physical presence in an online format.

4.) Promotion - Facebook is great for promoting both your business and website, but don’t forget that you need to promote your Facebook page, as well. A direct link on your website is a must, but you can also use your other social media sites, or even a mention on a podcast to help drive users to your Facebook page. The more publicity you get for your Facebook page, the more overall attention you will ultimately receive. Those with larger budgets should also consider advertising the Facebook page on traditional media as well, such as radio and television.

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3 Easy LinkedIn Tips For The Busy Professional

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LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site of the moment. It is almost expected that every company has their own professional page to create authenticity and reliability, though many companies may be unaware of how to use it to better their business. Like any marketing strategy, it takes time to create clear goals and build a useful and beneficial plan. Below are 3 very basic ways to get the most from the LinkedIn without using high-tech explanations, time-consuming tasks, and confusing terminology.

Make A Set Goal: Sit down and consider all aspects of your business, then decide what your business wants to achieve through using LinkedIn as a social network. Many companies use the site to connect with former or present colleagues, referral partners, friends and school-mates. This will help build a connection base while promoting and marketing your company. It is also a good idea to  connect with other professionals in your community and industry in order to build relationships and glean information about your competitors.

Add A Summary: Write a professional bio explaining your company and what it has to offer. Make sure you add your business location and contact information in hopes of generating business leads. Add in keywords to ensure that individuals searching for your specific business or industry will find your page.

Be Strategic: Take into consideration the type of information you post and the timing of the post itself. Posting the right topic to a targeted audience at the right time will allow your post to experience optimal viewing potential. Strategically planning each post allows you to assist in building your company’s brand. Be sure that all of your content is professional and reaches a large audience at one time. Joining discussion groups and staying active with your audience is also an excellent way to build your brand and client base.


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Why Blogging Is an Essential Tool For Marketers In 2013


2013 will be a monumental year for blog marketing. Blogging, when done correctly, can be used as a direct and indirect mechanism to attract a large variety of visitors to your desired social-media page. The more visitors you drive to your sites the better probability of driving business awareness, and essentially, new customers. Blogs establish authority and interaction with visitors, existing clients, prospective clients, and referral partners. Listed below are 3 important reasons why every business should utilize business blogging as a marketing strategy in 2013 and beyond.

1.) Builds Your Brand: Blogging will help people understand what your company is all about and will further your company’s credibility by showcasing your knowledge. If you update your blog daily with compelling and relevant information, people will continue to visit. Visitors will be more likely to explore your other online sites and your company will be more likely to earn their business.

2.) Creates A Relationship With Clients: Blogging is an excellent way to connect with your clients if you cannot find the time for a face-to-face meeting. Blogging also allows you the opportunity to gain feedback from your clients, grow your database, and most importantly, strengthen your relationships. This is also an excellent way to show authenticity to your prospective clients by staying clear of solicitation or sales-talk.

3.) Expands Your Own Knowledge: When blogging, you are constantly researching and finding new information to highlight for your customers. Blogging will keep you, and your business up-to-date with current information and will make sure your business reaches its optimal potential.

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The Basics: How To Get Your Social-Media Campaign On The Right Track


Running a successful social-media campaign is a bit like running a railroad. First you have to be where the people are. Then you’ve got to keep a regular schedule so the people know when to get on board. Finally, you’ve got to offer your customers something they can’t get from your competition. And, in this case, that means offering quality content consistently and regularly. It also means providing superior service and treating your pages and profiles as an important extension of your business.

Here are some things to think about …

Location: Where you set up shop matters in any business. Open a bait shop 300 miles from the water and see how well that goes. The same is true in social media. Fortunately, this part isn’t very difficult. There are many sites out there. Some are new. So are niche. Some offer some things and others offer others. Ultimately, you want to be where the people are. Niche sites can be good for networking within your industry but new business comes from communicating with the public. And the best way to develop relationships with people online is to go where most of them are. And yeah, that means Facebook is probably a good bet.

Schedule: This is the part that trips a lot of people up. It’s one thing to survey the available social-media sites and get started registering. It’s an altogether different thing to log in regularly and use your profiles and pages to your advantage. Sadly, though it can be done, it isn’t automatic. You have to have something to share and you have to share it on a regular basis. How often you update your pages is up to you. Some social-media gurus will tell you you have to update your pages with new content multiple times a day. Fortunately, updating on any schedule – as long as it’s kept – will likely benefit you. Start slow. Come up with a post every other week. Then up the frequency as you get into a rhythm. What works for you is what works for you. In other words, set the pace you’re comfortable with and let the people know when to expect you. Regularity is familiarity. And familiarity breeds business.

The Extras: It really shouldn’t be a hard sell to get some people to visit, like, follow, or recommend your new social-media profiles. It’ll cost them nothing and make your page seem populated and more interesting to newcomers. So ask some previous clients, referral partners, and other professional contacts to stop by your new page. They’ll be happy to do it and you’ll end up with increased visibility and some potential new connections. But that’s where the extras come in. Now that you’ve got some people visiting, what you put up on you page determines whether or not they’ll come back. Offer good content, interesting info, be available, and answer any questions or comments you get. In other words, treat your social-media sites as an extension of your business and treat your fans and followers like they’re your customers. Be consistent and available, professional and prompt and they’ll return to you in the future.


Fact or Fiction: The Truth Behind Four Common Social-Media Myths

There are always those that are slow to adopt new technologies. There were likely a stubborn few who insisted that the horse-and-carriage was, in fact, a much more effective means of transportation than the early automobile. Then there are those that fundamentally misunderstand the medium, like those that thought television would be a passing fad. In other words, innovation can lead to myths, mistakes, and misconceptions.

Below, we tackle some common social-media myths in an effort to better understand the benefits and best practices of any online effort.

It’s Not For Business: Social-media marketing is good for any business, despite those that say it only works for some. After all, in any business endeavor, getting word out about your services is the name of the game. Social media is yet another platform to do just that. Keeping in touch with clients, announcing new products or services, educating, communicating, and engaging your customer base are made easier with a smart strategy and some effort.

It’s For Kids: Last year, social networking was named the top emerging channel for lead generation. In addition to being an effective way of branding your business and syndicating your message, social media has been found to help build and maintain businesses by improving their relationships with their clients, customers, partners, and prospects.

It’s Automatic: For as many people that will tell you social media won’t work for your business, there are those that will tell you that it’s easy, automatic, and requires little more than setting up the pages and reaping the rewards. But having a successful networking strategy, whether online or off, means work. In order to build and keep traffic coming to your profiles and pages, you’ve got to maintain your presence and offer something of value. That means, responding to comments, offering interesting content, keeping your pages fresh, and, most of all, participating.

It’s About The Numbers: Having the most Facebook fans in your region certainly can give the impression of success. But having 20,000 fans outside of your target audience only means your business isn’t doing as well as your Facebook page. Don’t get discouraged. Having five fans that bring you consistent business is better than having a million that don’t.

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Making The Most Of Your Active Rain Profile

Active Rain is the largest and most active social networking site for real-estate professionals. As such, it’s a perfect place to begin refining your online efforts. Use the tips below to maximize your profile or, if all else fails, grab some ideas from the nearly 200,000 profiles currently registered.

Start Blogging: Whether or not you already have a blog, Active Rain’s blogging tools are a great way to broaden your audience. If you’re already blogging, consider re-posting your blog posts on Active Rain or write supplementary information with a link back to the original post. If nothing else, the search-engine benefits alone make it worth while. Also spend some time reading through other posts on the site and offer a comment or some friendly encouragement. Like any social-media network, it’s about relationships. The more relationships you form, the more likely they lead to a potential referral partner or client.

Link Active Rain to Your Online Accounts: Having an online network is all but useless unless you keep your profiles fresh and full of content. So, wherever possible, link your social-media sites. Connect your Active Rain account to your Facebook page, or any other accounts you have. Having your profiles automatically updated will save you time and provide even more exposure for your business and services.

Take Advantage of Your Profile: On Active Rain, the more complete your profile, the more points you receive. The more points you receive, the more visible you are when people search for agents in your area. In other words, take some time and add a bio, testimonials, work experience, and any other pertinent background information to your profile. Use anchor text to link back to your business website, blog, or anything else you’d like to share.

Learn From Observation: If you get discouraged, scroll through Active Rain’s success stories for inspiration. Click through and see how other Realtors are using their Active Rain profiles. Steal an idea or two and apply it to your page. If it worked for them, there’s no reason it can’t work for you too.

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