The Ibis Network's Social-Media Marketing Tips
Monday February 8th 2016

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“Just so you know – I just pulled in a $1M refi due to my newsletter from a past client sending my letter on to his realtor friend …”

Theresa S.  / Senior Mortgage Banker / Vancouver, WA

“Joshua Millar and the team at Ibis have helped maximize the relationships I already have in place on various social media outlets. In less than a month I have been able to convert 3 “friends” on face book to my pipeline. The service is an absolute no brainer for anyone in our industry! I highly recommend Joshua and the Ibis team.”

Andy N. / Vice President – Mortgage Banker / Chicago, IL

“I discovered Josh when I started following his blogs about social media marketing. He gave such great insight into how to market yourself. His ability to keep up to date on all the changes in the mortgage and real estate business is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone who wants to market themselves on social media sites – the right way.”

Sharon A.  / Senior Loan Officer / Huntsville, AL

“Josh and IBIS network helped me set up, maintain and improve my business social media presence and at a very affordable cost. It was such a relief to hand it all over to Josh and let him handle it and tell me what to do. If you have limited time, Josh is your go-to man for social media.”

Leslie L.  / Branch Manager / Baton Rouge, LA

“If you’re looking for a long term marketing solution in the mortgage industry, Josh Millar and the IBIS network is it. I’ve been extremely pleased with the personal service and high quality marketing materials in both print and on a blog or webpage. I highly recommend Josh and encourage others in the real estate and mortgage industries to consider his services the next time you have marketing needs.”

Jeffrey R.  / Director / San Francisco, CA

“Josh and his team at the IBIS Group have helped me streamline each of the social networks from the fragmented and time consuming bunch that they are, into one with a simplified process which communicates a consistent professional message daily.”

Gregg D.  / Vice President / Boston, MA

“Taking the time to maintain your blog, website or other social media outlets can sometimes be a challenge. I hired Josh and his team at Ibis to handle this for me and they have done an outstanding job. By constantly posting current events related to my industry to all of my social media outlets, The Ibis Network has kept me current on industry news and resulted in more web traffic and exposure to me and my team. Thank you to the Team at Ibis!”

Mike T.  / Loan Consultant / Phoenix, AZ

“Josh provides unique and necessary products and services in today’s mortgage world…and a great value. His willingness to share knowledge and give first attitude makes him an asset to any team that has the opportunity to work with him.”

John B.  / Mortgage Advisor / Lewes, DE

“Josh and his company the Ibis group are an outstanding organization that get results for you. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get their business on the map.”

James H.  / Mortgage Originator / Tampa, FL

“Josh is clear and concise with what he has to offer from a business standpoint. I really like his efficiency and the ability to put in the time to not only educate his clients but train them on better ways of marketing themselves. Thank you Josh!”

Angelique A.  / Senior Mortgage Banker / Portland, OR

“Josh Millar is a great individual at both professional and personal level, working with Josh has been a fabulous experience. Mr Millar is direct friendly and polite. Josh has always been very enthusiastic towards learning new things and has always come forward with great ideas.”

Brad B.  / Group Leader / Prescott, AZ

“The Ibis Network and Josh Millar have been great to work with! Josh has implemented some creative marketing ideas to help expand my business to the next level! He has always listened to my needs and concerns! Thanks, Josh!”

Vicki W. / Senior Loan Originator / Pittsburgh, PA

“Josh has been an invaluable resource to me as a mortgage banker and broker. His marketing ideas, tools and implementation are unmatched!”

Ray B. / President / Orange County, CA

“Josh has helped s expose our company thru social media like no other company has been able to do. If you need someone to help you with social media outreach Josh is the man for the job!”

Patrick R. / Broker-Owner / Los Angeles, CA

“Josh has a fantastic company! He does the complete package of everything you need for advertisement and he makes for you a Facebook page, a Twitter page and a beautiful newsletter that I sent to all my email connections. He was always a wealth of knowledge whenever I needed to ask a questions from a tech standpoint. He would walk me through the process and took a lot of time with me after he set me up with all his programs. I would highly recommend him.”

Peggy J. / Real Estate Broker / Seattle, WA

“Josh helped me launch and promote my online marketing campaign. It was quite successful at making all my contacts aware of my new website and creates a lot of new business every time I do it.”

Cody B. / Realtor / Fayetteville, AR

“Josh is very knowledgeable and professional, I had the pleasure of working with Josh in a network marketing capacity and his assistance and attention to detail was both excellent and valuable in the implementation of our ideas!”

Travis D. / Assistant Vice President / Boise, ID

“I asked Josh to give me a presence in a certain niche of the mortgage industry. This included a blog with Josh providing daily content and of course a Facebook Fan page. Both were up in short order and we did virtually no editing. He knew what I wanted and needed and he came with it first time. I recommend Josh every chance I get and encourage anyone in the market for Josh’s expertise to let him show you what he can do. Great guy to work with.”

Wayne T. / Mortgage Planner / Lexington, KY

“Josh is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to the need for an active on time social media presence. He 100% understands how this can positively effect a REALTOR’s success in today’s ever changing highly mobile real estate market. He has always been a pleasure to work with and was very patient in helping me to understand the social media platforms available to me! I highly recommend his service.”

Sherry T. / Broker-Owner / Bossier City, LA

“I have worked with Josh Millar for several years and he is a hard working honest guy with a great marketing products that have truly helped build my business.”

Jeff J. / Mortgage Planner / Seattle, WA

“Josh does an exceptional job in developing new ideas & strategies. He is a tremendous asset to our organization.”

Larry L. / Senior Mortgage Consultant / Philadelphia, PA






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